Teilnehmen 1

2009 - 2010, Action involving six participants and their knifes, cake, table, checked paper, thread, napkins, triangles, dividers, ruler, flexible meter, pencils
Dimensions variable
Participants for Teilnehmen_3 (video): Jan Heisig, Balz Isler, Marc Rauschen, Aya Takeda, Wassily Zittel
Video Documentation: Susanne Itzel, Vincent Buttman

A group of x persons – unfamiliar to each other – is invited to divide an irregularly shaped cake in y same-sized portions by using a number of instruments laying on a table, the group’s action field. Nothing else is predetermined. The 'game rules' are made known to the participants at the moment of their encountering with their task. The work is conceived as an experiment and as such, its deployment is incalculable by public performance. The group’s dynamic and progressive decision making is the happening itself. The work’s duration is the period needed to bring this activity to an end. The action has been repeated five times in different locations and each with a different group of participants.