2023, action, group, ongoing, performance, place

Searching for the "national plant"

2022, archive, borders, cartographical, drawing, identity, microscopic, place, plants, territory, video

Global Swarming

2020, archive, book, collection, exercise, group, installation, paper

Leaf Is A

2019, archive, book, collection, document, identity, migration, paper

Growing Greenhouse

2018, participation, portable, relation


2018, cartographical, document, drawing, fragment, measure, paper, scale

Symmetry Exercises

2018, a⁄symmetry, exercise, imprint, paper, repetition, rhythm, rules


2017, archive, book, cartographical, classification, collection, imprint, migration, paper, place

Zusammenhänge (3 studies)

2017, a⁄symmetry, articulation, relation, repetition, rhythm, rules, tension

Poetry Exercises: an archive of (un)familiar things

2016, acoustic, archive, body, cartographical, classification, collection, document, exercise, installation, memory, participation, performance, place

Wide world horizon

2016, document, drawing, fragment, line, ongoing, paper, participation

A bees incident

2013, 2015, borders, document, microscopic, place, territory, video

Detour Nicosia (from A street to street A)

2013, border, cartographical, place, rhythm

Talking trees

2014, acoustic, cartographical, identity, memory, ongoing, participation, place


2014, acoustic, cartographical, document, fragment, place, relation

Double Faced

2011, a⁄symmetry, fragment, imprint, paper, scale, tension


2011, atlas, book, classification, identity, imprint, ongoing, paper, relation, rhythm


2010, atlas, classification, gesture, identity, imprint, installation, instrument, paper, relation

Die ganze Welt und ihre Ausschnitte_I

2009, atlas, cartographical, fragment, identity, imprint, microscopic, paper, relation, scale, variation


2009, collection, installation, measure, scale, tool


2009, 2010, a⁄symmetry, exercise, group, instrument, measure, rules

To think twice

2008, a⁄symmetry, body, measure, portable, scale

In twos

2007, a⁄symmetry, borders, drawing, exercise, paper, rules

Instrument for two

2007, a⁄symmetry, acoustic, balance, instrument, tension


2005, a⁄symmetry, balance, body, paper, repetition, rhythm
2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023, a⁄symmetry, acoustic, action, archive,
articulation, atlas, balance, body, book, border, borders, cartographical, classification, collection, document, drawing, exercise, fragment, gesture, group, identity, imprint, installation, instrument, line,
measure, memory, microscopic, migration, ongoing, paper, participation, performance, place, plants, portable, relation, repetition, rhythm, rules, scale, tension, territory, tool, variation, video