Soundmap_Hemshof 1Soundmap_Hemshof 2Soundmap_Hemshof 3Soundmap_Hemshof 4

In collaboration with Apartment Project, 2+1
2014, Wall-mounted interactive sound object, 480 x 172 x 7 cm

The sound map was developed in the framework of a participatory project in the city of Ludwigshafen. Exploring the coexistence of multiple social spaces in Hemshof - a neighbourhood largely inhabited by immigrant-background communities – the project focused on sound as a main communication and production medium. Several workshops and informal exchanges took place with the inhabitants of Hemshof - especially involving young students and musicians.
The map is a container of found and recorded material. It gathers together fragments of encounters and documents daily interactions with the residents and localities of Hemshof. Each button on the map activates an individual sound source. The user can listen to interviews, local stories, ambient tones or songs from local musicians. Generated as a collective audiovisual working diary, it reflects a multiplicity of voices as we experienced it through our relationship with this specific place.