Global Swarming

Global Swarming 1Global Swarming 2Global Swarming 3Global Swarming 4Global Swarming 5Global Swarming 6Global Swarming 7Global Swarming 8, Berlin

with ANDPRESS artist collective
2020 / Mixed Media / Dimensions variable
Photos: Sarah Duby

What can we learn from the swarming phenomenon in order to address group dynamics in collaborative (artistic) processes? What possibilities do the ‘book’ and the ‘archive’ open up as mediums for reflecting on such processes?

In our first show as a collective, ANDPRESS experimented with the exhibition format as an open process, addressing individual and collective authorship and ways of working. The theme of swarming was explored through an open, playful, and experimental process, which resulted in the production of a publication and the setup of an exhibition, expanding the page to the space and vice versa.

Drawing from our diverse tool-boxes of individual creative methods, the research process itself became the material for both the exhibition and the publication. Together, we challenged ideas of hierarchy, authorship, coordination, dependency and group intelligence.