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In collaboration with Maria Loizidou and Lara Alphas
2010, Installation, Mixed media, archival material
Dimensions variable

Photos: Florian Bong-Kil Grosse
Catalogue: Digitalis, 12th Cairo Biennale

The proposal refers to the classification of things that were produced in ways through which above all, the sense of touch is assessed. It refers to the function of activities and it is determined as essential for those who have chosen touch in order to define their relationship with their surroundings and consequently for them to realise sounds, smells and colours. These activities include all manual work which leaves behind traces of writing, readable not only by people belonging to the same cultural sphere but also to those of a wider cultural spectrum.
Each kind of work has its own characteristics and its separate parts may change from person to person, from time to time, in such a way that it may be performed only at the place and in the time provided for it to develop. Thus, the kind of work remains the same, but its separate parts adjust to the socio-political framework in which they develop. The special characteristics which each form develops depend on each person’s attitude, and their relationship with the world, and they are considered to be unique. They resemble each other in the way that all people’s thumbs look alike but are at the same time very different; just as the fingerprint confirms the authenticity of our identity.
Our approach sees above all that we are reminded of the importance of our senses, so that we are able to understand, and therefore to respond, to the questions that arise from the continuous movement of people, and from our contact with others. It also underlines the importance of understanding the other and our struggle to maintain the essence of our memories and to develop it into something new.