Die ganze Welt und ihre Ausschnitte_I

Die ganze Welt und ihre Ausschnitte_I 1Die ganze Welt und ihre Ausschnitte_I 2Die ganze Welt und ihre Ausschnitte_I 3

2009, Nine black and white offset prints on thin folded paper, accordion paper folder, wooden table
148 x 170 cm each/ folded, 20 x 26 x 0,8 cm each, Installation dimensions variable

Photos: Florian Bong-Kil Grosse

An ongoing atlas of palm prints of different individuals, a form of identity proof and distortion at the same time. The inversion of huge-scale figures like for example those of satellite images, reduces big 'world cutouts’ to outline maps. Inverting the scale rules of cartographical representation while at the same time using similar representational conventions, the microscopic and palpable structures of the subject join the bird-eye view formations of satellite images.
If the body is the most personal territory of a human being, the hands are the sensible instruments with which we can feel and measure our environment. The formal continuity between macro and micro structures is recalled through a closer observation of the fine visible textures – the lines of the palm call to mind rivers that in turn evoke veins, valleys, and other landscapes – zooming in and out in the different perception layers.
Each image contributes in the reading of the one adjacent to it. The regular folds of the paper call to mind the possibility of reducing each image to a small transportable object.